• How It Works

  • During the re-glazing process, our technician will remove caulking surrounding bathtub and scrap entire surface down with razor blades. Next, we apply special chemicals to etch the surface of your bathtub to make it porous. Next, primer is applied to the dull and porous surface, preparing it for the application of the glaze. We use a special poly-urethane glaze with an integrated glass bead. This is applied with an automotive-style spray gun. Timing is critical for all stages of the process and our technicians are well-trained. All of this guarantees that you will be satisfied with the beautiful, glossy finish of your bathtub.

    There is no need to leave home during the process. Our technician will set up an exhaust fan in a nearby window to expel fumes and over spray. Any residual odor will disapate within a few short hours after we leave.

  • After re-glazing of your bathtub, you will find the surface very shiny and also quite slippery when wet. You may be tempted to put down a bathmat. Please note that a suction cup type mat will damage the finish and the use will void the warranty. Mr. Bathtub can install a slip proof texturing on the bottom of the bathtub for additional $45 during the re-glazing process. This permanent finish will add stability to the bather without damaging the newly glazed surface.