• Why should I re-glaze my bathtub instead of replacing it?

      Bathtub reglazing is a cost effective alternative to bathtub replacement.  Is is also less messy and time consuming than bathtub replacement.

    • My bathtub is chipped. Can you help me?

      Yes! Mr. Bathtub will fill in chips and cracks in your tub during the reglazing process. If your bathtub doesn't need reglazing our chip repair services are reasonably priced starting at $125 for fiberglass or porcealin style tubs. 

    • How long will it take to reglaze my bathtub?

      Tub reglazing typically takes 4-5 hours depending on the complexity and condition of your existing bathtub. 

    • How long does it take before I can use my bathtub after it has been reglazed?

      Mr. Bathtub recommends waiting 24 hours before using your bathtub after it has been reglazed.  

    • Is there a warranty that covers my tub?

      Yes! Mr. Bathtub offers a 10 year warranty that covers our tub reglazing services.  It covers peeling or flaking.